Monday, August 15, 2011

more le bain

I made a decision.. after visiting 3 tile shops I decided I wanted 1 inch hex cararra marble tile. The tile shop had it for $18 a square foot..
I found it on for $8.80 a square foot.. free shipping.
I'm gonna risk some appendages and try to install it myself.. Ive got carpet to buy, countertops, apron front sinks, tile for the kitchen, and most importantly, if I can save enough money maybe I can buy my dream chandelier..

yeah, Im not holding my breath!  4 more days until close!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

le bain

so one of my first orders of business.. other than paint the whole inside, refinish the wood floors, and carpet the upstairs, is the bathroom. The main bathroom.. tiny, ugly, brown, and mostly disgusting.
I've got ideas out the ying yang.. but I have less than a week to do it all.. and a little budget that might buy me a extra large pack of gum. 

This is the piece of crap I'm working with: ( oops no pun intended)

I fell in love with this vanity.. however due to the tiny bath it wont fit. booo.

I'm considering this vanity due to its cost effectiveness of $199 and then it would give me an excuse to scour antique stores for a cabinet / toothpaste toiletry storage for underneath.

I'm wanting to go for this flooring.. but even after forgoing my $5500 dream chandelier, I don't know if our budget will allow for a tile expert to install this. Ive done some tile work.. rather large 12 x 12 tiles.. so this mesh backed flooring could be a bit tricky. I was trying to plan it out in my head and for even a tiny bathroom theres a ridiculous amount of cuts.  That being compounded by this tiny tile and Id probably cut my hand off.. but for the sake of my dream bath, I might just go for it.

Ahh Serenity.. Id love a bath like this Pottery Barn one.. but once again, with my budget I might be able to be able to afford the soap dish at pottery barn.

Ill keep you posted on the progress.

Monday, August 8, 2011

la nouvelle maison

So later this month my fiancee and I close on a house. Although I can use vision to see it in the future the house needs some major improvements. Major improvements on a shoestring budget. 

This doesn't stop me from scouring the Internet for flooring ideas, vanity ideas, counter top ideas, apron front farm sinks, faucets, light fixtures, chandeliers. I've got to make some sensible choices.. don't you think a $5500 chandelier is a wise idea when the bathroom is disgustingly brown?  Ok, yeah I talked myself out of that one. 

I've got ideas flowing.. just need some sort of powerball winnings to get it all done.

Blogging.. a new sort of challenge.

Well here I am starting a blog. I frequently stalk everyone elses blogs so I guess its about time I start one myself. Setting this thing up has been tricky and challenging. I'm still trying to figure out html and codes and designs etc.

The pressure of saying the right things and being interesting enough is going to stress me out.

I'll just start this little intro by saying I love all things shabby chic,decorating, shopping, flea marketing, thrifting, cottage, white, chippy, and I love bargains.

I won a contest once held by a local store Ramshackled Treasures.. for cutest ramshackled space. This was my photo. Just a little snippet of stuff that I like.